Charities We Support

Since we started in 2015, Host Compliance has been extremely fortunate, and we strive to share that good fortune with those around us. Over the last few years, we have made donations to the Red Cross and other charities, supporting our partners and friends when hit by natural disasters in whatever ways we can. For this 2018 holiday season, Host Compliance is sponsoring donations from each of our employees to a cause of their choosing. We want to support our employees in what they care about, while contributing to the greater good. Below are some team members you may interact with, their chosen charity, and what compels them to support it.



Ulrik was taught by his mother from a very young age to appreciate and protect nature and the environment. He watched and learned from her as she served as chair of the Danish Nature Conservation Association, helped create a national park, and preserved more than one historical site. She nurtured in him an appreciation for the world around him and the impact a few motivated people can have. With her passing away this past summer, Ulrik has chosen the Nature Conservancy to both support its mission to "conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends” and honor an amazing woman.



Stacy has chosen to donate to the ASPCA, an organization that offers disaster relief to animals and looks out for the welfare of our furry, four-legged friends. Stacy grew up raising dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and sheep, and has always been concerned with the treatment of animals. She rescued her rat terrier, Livia, in 2008. Despite a rough start to life, Livia is now 12 years old, going strong, and loving life! Stacy views the ASPCA's overall mission and life-saving work rescuing animals from disasters, like the recent Camp and Woolsey Fires, as critically important. 

Andrea Simons_Charity pic 2018.JPG


A couple of years ago, Andrea’s family learned of Compassion International while watching and participating in an incredible play called The Thorn. Compassion International blesses a child and their families in poverty by providing disaster relief, medical assistance, and child sponsorship.  Andrea and her family sponsor a boy in Indonesia and get to learn how he is growing up with the assistance of this organization, and it truly has been a blessing to them!  

American Civil Liberties Union

Teresa has been an attorney for nearly 20 years (and the butt of various lawyer jokes among friends and family for even longer). Especially these days, the critical importance of “the rule of law” has become more clear. For nearly 100 years, the ACLU has worked tirelessly in courts, legislatures, and communities, on a nonpartisan basis, to defend and preserve the Constitution’s individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee to everyone in our country.


San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

An avid biker and long-time resident of San Francisco, David strongly supports the mission of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to transform San Francisco streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Through day-to-day advocacy, education and working partnerships with the City of San Francisco and community agencies, the Coalition is one of the largest and most effective bicycle advocacy groups in the country.