Do you need shelter?


The California wildfires are displacing tens of thousands of people, many of whom may not have homes to return to. To support these communities, Host Compliance is working with local government authorities to provide a platform for people in the neighboring communities to offer housing for free to fire evacuees and relief workers.

These potential hosts have submitted their information to be made available to fire evacuees and relief workers in need of temporary housing. Please reach out to the hosts directly, using the preferred contact information. We have asked the hosts to promptly update their availability, but please note that availability may change more quickly than is updated. Please note that you can scroll up/down and left/right to view the full sheet, as well as use certain commands in the spreadsheet menu below to download the current version of the spreadsheet (File-->Download as. . .), find certain keywords (Edit—>Find and . . .), or filter the available housing on different criteria like availability, city or zip code, or whether pets are allowed (Data—>Filter views; please note you have the capability to create a new filter view for yourself if needed).

We encourage all of the guests to communicate with their potential hosts ahead of time to establish a relationship and make sure expectations are clear for everyone involved — and consider asking for Facebook or other social media profile to verify identities.

If you have space to offer, please go to this form to enter your host information.

Please note that unlike AirBnB, which primarily functions as a short-term rental listing platform, Host Compliance does not typically provide a platform for short-term rental listings and can not offer any host verification, insurance, or other support beyond making information available to you. We cannot be held responsible for any liability or claims that might arise as a result of your staying in space offered on this page. Any guests falsely representing themselves as evacuees or relief workers must leave the home immediately and may be subject to charges of trespassing.