Frequently Asked Questions about Host Compliance 

Below please find answers to the most common questions about Host Compliance

How long has Host Compliance been providing serving local governments?
Host Compliance started in 2015 by a group of very experienced software executives with more than 20 years of experience serving local governments. 

How many short-term vacation rental properties does Host Compliance keep track of?
Since our founding, Host Compliance has identified more than 130,000 short-term rentals in the U.S. and Canada.

What does it cost to implement the Host Compliance solution?
Nothing! Host Compliance provides its software as a service on an annual subscription basis.

Is there a monthly or annual fee?
Yes, Host Compliance provides is services for an annual fee.

Does Host Compliance provide discounts for contracts longer than 1 year?
Yes. Call or email us to learn more.

What does Host Compliance offer that traditional audit firms and do not?
It is important to understand that monitoring short-term rentals for compliance with local regulations is not limited to data entry and good software. An effective compliance program is about advanced data-science and customer service. Host Compliance has the capability to initiate and respond to hundreds of thousands of letters, phone calls and emails each year. Our personnel are trained to know our clients' ordinances and policies. We consider ourselves a partner with our clients and we are focused on providing exceptional customer service.

Will licensing compliance increase once we contract with Host Compliance?
Yes. You should expect to see a dramatic increase in compliance. A client's actual results can vary based on factors such as the licensing ordinance, prior enforcement policies, as well as the type of community.

What if our compliance rates double? Will the fees increase?
No. Host Compliance charges a flat rate per property listing that we monitor – whether you issue 20 licenses or 10,000 licenses or more.

How does Host Compliance keep their fees so low?
Helping local governments keep track of short-term rentals is our only business. We have a highly efficient process that allows us to provide excellent service on a cost-effective basis.

What does Host Compliance provide for clients?
Each short-term rental compliance monitoring program is unique. We provide a custom program for each client that builds on our proven business operations, but meets each client's specific needs. As an example, each client that subscribes to our Compliance Monitoring services use their own letter templates and letterhead etc.

Besides the data, what else can be included with Host Compliance's services?
If requested by our clients, Host Compliance can mail all notices and processes all license/permit applications. Host Compliance can also maintain permit databases and provide monthly license activity and compliance reports. In addition, we provide online licensing, and 24/7 secure client access to data via our online client portal. Finally we have a 24/7 call center that makes it easy for citizens to report problems with short-term rentals in their neighborhood.

Does the client retain ownership of data?
Yes. Host Compliance agrees that the processed short-term rental licensing and compliance monitoring data at all times belongs to the client and that at no point in time does Host Compliance ever own the data.

What about data protection?
Host Compliance backs up all databases twice during the working day. Nightly, all databases and key systems are backed up in the cloud off-site. Client data is also copied to secure cloud-based storage. This backup configuration allows for recovery of the complete licensing database even in the event of a major failure or severe damage to our facilities.

Is Host Compliance PCI compliant?
As a vendor that accepts payments via credit card, Host Compliance is vigilant when it comes to data protection. Host Compliance does not store any personal credit card information at any time and we are in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Program (PCI) as defined by Visa and MasterCard and will remain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Program.

How do I get more information?
Click here to send us an email. You can also contact us at (415) 715-9280.