Follow the lead of cities and counties across North America and find a solution to your community's short-term rental challenges at the ICMA Conference

Schedule a Personalized Short-Term Rentals Consultation Session at the ICMA Conference

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Click the button below to schedule a free 1-hour in-person consultation to discuss the short-term rental activity in your community. You'll walk away with a map of the short-term rentals in your jurisdiction, a total listings count from 20+ platforms and a pro-active plan to solve the associated problems!

Conference session: make airbnb-style rentals work for everyone

Conference Roundtable: Creating New Assets for Your Community: The Sharing Economy

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Add this session to your calendar! Ulrik Binzer, Founder/CEO of Host Compliance, shares how local governments can maximize the economic benefits of short-term vacation rentals while mitigating the negative impacts through effective, enforceable ordinances.  

Add this session to your calendar! Connect with attendees to discuss/share successful strategies for implementing enforceable short-term rental regulations to meet planning, compliance and revenue objectives.  This roundtable session is being facilitated by Host Compliance CEO/Founder Ulrik Binzer.  


Why book a complimentary short-term rental assessment?

You'll come away from the session with a map of where Airbnb-style rentals are located in your community, the total number of listings in your jurisdiction and a clear plan to solve your short-term rental challenges.  The example map below comes from Host Compliance customer Asheville, NC.