Get a free custom short-term rental ordinance checklist and list of policy recommendations to achieve the specific goals of your community

Writing an effective short-term rental ordinance can be a daunting task!

  • First, it requires a deep understanding of the scale and scope of the short-term rental activity in the community.
  • Second, you must understand the community's overarching planning objectives and political context.
  • Third, it is critical that you understand what staffing resources and compliance monitoring tolls will be made available to enforce whatever rules are adopted.
  • Finally, you must know the best practices from similar communities , to make sure that the types of provisions that are adopted, actually work in practice.

To speed things up and make the process as easy and effective as possible, we have developed a free tool that can navigate you through the entire process and help you draft the perfect short-term rental ordinance for your community. To get started, simply answer some key questions about your community, and we will email you a customized checklist of the areas that your ordinance should cover as well as the best ways to address all the relevant issues based on your community's specific objectives and circumstances.