NY: New draft of Greenport's short-term rental code calls for owner occupancy, sparks ire

The controversial short-term rental issue continues to spark heated debate in Greenport. The Greenport code committee has developed a new draft of the short term rental legislation, stating that all short-term rentals must be owner occupied and operated, with non-owner occupied short term rentals not allowed. Only one short-term rental per unit or structure at a time would be allowed. In addition, under the proposed code, the short term rental period is defined as period of less than 30 days. A period of more than 30 days is covered under the village’s rental permit law. Homeowners would need to apply for a $500 short-term rental permit; and if, when properties are inspected, they are found to be in violation of village code, fire code, or building code, the permit could be revoked.