Learn more about short-term rentals' community impact or get a free consultation and analysis of your community's short-term rental activity

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Take a breather from your busy ICMA schedule and sit down for a free 45 minute one-on-one consultation on the short-term rental activity in your city/town/county.  Walk away with the data and knowledge you need to take action!

Schedule a free video conference to get your custom analysis of the short-term rental activity in your community.  Understand the challenge and get your colleagues on the same page as to how best to address this new issue!

Get quickly up to speed on the impact Airbnb style rentals are having on local communities by attending one of our 45-minute workshops. The workshop is hosted by Jeffrey Goodman and Ulrik Binzer, the nation's leading authorities on this topic

Join the Short-term Rentals Brewery Tour and Roundtable and meet other City Managers to discuss their experiences with addressing short-term rental issues. Make new connections over free drinks, and and bring back the best practices to your community.