Help by hosting fire evacuees and relief workers


Thank you for opening up your home to those displaced by the CAMP, WOOLSEY, AND HILL FIRES

The California wildfires are displacing tens of thousands of people, many of whom may not have homes to return to. To support these communities, Host Compliance is working with local government authorities to provide a platform for people in the neighboring communities to offer housing for free to fire evacuees and relief workers.

If you have an extra room in your home or other available shelter for fire evacuees (and are outside of the evacuation areas for the Camp Fire and Ventura and LA Counties), please submit your information in the form below and after submitting you will be provided a link where you can make changes or indicate that you have no more availability. If possible, we also suggest posting on Airbnb Open Homes ( to maximize your reach. (Please note that unlike AirBnB, which primarily functions as a short-term rental listing platform, Host Compliance can not offer any guest verification, insurance, or other support beyond making your information available to people who may be searching for housing.)

If you need shelter, please go to this page for a list of available housing.

Please note that the information you submit (including your email and phone number) will be made public so evacuees can find appropriate accommodations and contact you directly. We encourage all of the hosts to communicate with their potential guests ahead of time to establish a relationship and make sure expectations are clear for everyone involved — and consider asking for Facebook or other social media profiles to verify identities. We are incredibly proud that so many of you are volunteering your homes to your fellow neighbors in need during these times of disaster.