Host Compliance in the News

Host Compliance is often profiled or referenced in the news. Below you can see some of our press mentions from leading publications and news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and others. If you are a journalist, please contact us on [email protected].

CBS (Video)

CBS covers South Lake Tahoe’s new fines for both short-term vacation rental hosts and renters who break by-laws. Host Compliance CEO, Ulrik Binzer, is interviewed as a subject matter expert on the topic, and covers how short-term rental listings are increasing across the United States.

Forbes (article)

Forbes highlights how Host Compliance is disrupting a disrupted industry by helping regulators and local governments tame the “wild west” of short-term rentals. The discussion includes Airbnb’s upcoming IPO and the role short-term rentals play in affordability and quality of life factors for citizens.

NPR (Article and Audio)

NPR Interviews Host Compliance CEO Ulrik Binzer about the history of Host Compliance, and how Nashville is using the software to help with their short-term rentals. Nashville shares that they are receiving 50% more money annually in STR taxes with using Host Compliance.


KQED News (Article and Audio)

KQED interviews Steve O’Neal, who is investigating short-term rentals in Bolinas, near San Francisco. He shares his frustrations with living in an empty neighborhood filled with short-term rentals. Host Compliance is referenced as a way to enforce regulations, so people like Steve don’t need to be a detective.



WIRED covers how exactly an illegal $5M Airbnb empire went under the radar for so long in a major city with some of the strictest short-term rental laws in the world.



PEW covers what happens to neighborhoods when short-term rentals are left unregulated, including examples of party houses and the effect on long-term residents.



Fast Company covers why Airbnb like platforms are so difficult to regulate and manage, and strategies to address this new major contributor to the economy.


Los Angeles times (ARTICLE)

The Los Angeles Times covers how Newport Beach took in an additional $170,000 in tax revenue by working with Host Compliance, and was able to help 81 hosts come into compliance.



In this Wall Street Journal Article, the Journal describes how local governments across the nation are deploying big data technology to enforce their short-term rental rules.  The article also profiles Host Compliance and tells the story of how the company was founded.


While the heading is clearly designed for clicks, this article gives a fair and balanced account of the struggles cities, landlords and HOAs are faced with in the wake of the rapid growth of the home-sharing and short-term rental phenomenon. 


In this Fox News story Jennifer Schonberger explores why major cities are cracking down and banning owners turning their homes and apartments into short-term rentals like Airbnb and how hosts and renters can mitigate the risks associated with being in non-compliance with local rules.


In this interview on on Canada's largest TV station CBC, Host Compliance's Founder and CEO explains why cities across North America are beginning to regulate short-term rentals, and how to best write and enforce such rules.

Host Compliance - WSJ Story AUG 24


This Wall Street Journal video explains the growing trend of cities regulating home-sharing and short-term rentals and the best tools available for enforcing such rules in a cost effective manner.

CBS Denver

This CBS story explains how Denver has realized 28% compliance with its new short-term rental ordinance only a month after adopting the new rules. This puts Denver's compliance rate way ahead of peer cities like San Francisco, Portland, Nashville and Austin who have been trying to do the same type of work for years (without the help of Host Compliance).


This articled describes how the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee will deploy Host Compliance's software to improve its enforcement of short-term rentals. The software will help track and identify short-term rental properties within Nashville, including tracking unpermitted rental properties in an attempt to collect unpaid taxes.


Host Compliance's founder is interviewed in this Denver Post article that explains how the City and County of Denver is approaching their enforcement of its new short-term rental regulation. In addition it provides information on how Colorado's resort communities could stand to see hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as Airbnb begins to collect taxes in the state.

Mercury News

This article covers the City of Oakland, CA's process of adopting a new short-term rental ordinance and quotes Host Compliance's work with the city in quantifying and analyzing the impact of short-term rentals on the city's rental housing and neighborhood character. 

Sacramento Bee

This article profiles Host Compliance - a San Francisco-based start-up is offering a solution to a vexing problem for local governments – how to find and tax people renting their homes through online services such as Airbnb or HomeAway. “I, over the past couple of years particularly, have received a lot of complaints from folks about unregulated vacation rentals along these lines,” Placer County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery said. “I hope it helps put some folks at ease about just this proliferation of vacation rentals and gives us a little bit more of an appropriate management tool.”

Government technology

This article in North America's leading government IT focused magazine profiles Host Compliance's work in the Sierras and explains how we help municipalities improve transient occupancy tax compliance and even the playing field between various types of lodging providers.


In this story in Nashville's leading newspaper, the Mayor Megan Barry explains how she wants to address the compliance problems among short-term rental hosts. “Rules and regulations are only effective if you have consistent enforcement,” Barry said in a statement.“If Metro Government adopts the Host Compliance software, it should identify significant underpayment of hotel/motel taxes,” 

The Province

Host Compliance client Vancouver, BC recently proposed innovative and smart regulation to mitigate the negative side-effects of the growing short-term rental industry in its city. This article explains how this data will be used and how the city plans to enforce the proposed new rules. 


This article describes how the Town of Jackson, WY will begin utilizing Host Compliance's services to ensure that all short-term rental owners in town play by the rules.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

This article about Host Compliance is featured in Germany's largest newspaper and describes how we are helping cities make the sharing-economy work for everyone. In addition it provides and interesting European angle on the challenges and opportunities created by the global hyper-growth of short-term rentals.

Sierra Sun

In this Sierra Sun article, the Town of Truckee's and Host Compliance's partnership to improve the town's short-term rental permit and tax compliance is profiled. “We discovered a start-up that had come up with a methodology to determine where short term rentals were, basically by data mining their ads,” Lashbrook said last week. “… We hired them in late June and we’re getting the responses and reaching out to property owners now.” Among other facts, the article explains how Host Compliance identified about 460 short-term rentals within town limits that were not paying TOT. 

Berlingske Tidende

With the growth of short-term rentals in Europe, compliance has become a hot topic in most European major cities. The leading Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende recently covered the topic and profiled Host Compliance. 

Marin Independent Journal

This Marin Independent Journal story explains how the City of Mill Valley, CA is successfully regulating its short-term rentals to simultaneously maximize tax collections while minimizing the potential negative side effects such as noise, parking and trash problems.  

The Durango Herald

This article explains how the City of Durango, CO is partnering with Host Compliance to help preserve housing for residents within the city. Durango is perceived to be truly a unique leader in managing its short-term rental industry and it's policies have been adopted by many other cities across the country.

TV2 Denmark

With the rise of Airbnb in Europe, how fairly regulate the phenomenon has become the talk of town in many European cities. In this story from TV2 Denmark, the TV station puts a spotlight on the issue and interviews our Founder and CEO about the best practices from the U.S. 

Vero News

This article from Vero Beach News describes how Indian River County has stepped up its short-term rental enforcement efforts by using Host Compliance's advanced compliance monitoring solutions. 

Key News

This article from Key News describes how Monroe County, FL is exploring ways to better enforce its short-term rental rules and maximize tax collections.


This story from Moon Shine Ink describes how the Town of Truckee, CA uses Host Compliance's technology to make sure that all short-term rental property owners comply with the town's short-term rental ordinance and tax remittance requirements.


This blog posting on describes how technology is solving one of the largest challenges in code enforcement: identifying illegal short-term rentals and bringing them into compliance.


This article describes how Estes Park and Larimer County have teamed up with Host Compliance to assist with their code compliance officer to identify non-compliant properties and take enforcement action as necessary to bring them into compliance.

It is believed that through regular reporting from Host Compliance, the town will potentially be able to get all vacation homes licensed or registered, which will increase business license revenues. In addition, monitoring rental activity will improve the tax collection operations through pro-active outreach to vacation rental owners concerning their tax payment obligations.


This article in the Eastern Sierra's leading news outlet describes how the Town of Mammoth Lakes, CA is considering improving compliance with the town's vacation rental regulations and improve TOT collections.