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The pricing of our services depends on the modules you need and the number of short-term rentals that operate in the area(s) you want us to monitor/service. That said, we guarantee that the ROI is always positive as the incremental revenue and cost savings from using our services more than outweigh the costs. In fact, our clients generally make 5-20 times as much money as they pay us. We call that the Host Compliance win-win formula and we stand behind it with an unconditional 6-month money-back guarantee!

All of Host Compliance’s solutions come with extensive benefits:

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Unlimited Seats

An annual subscription covers everyone at your agency.

Continuous Improvements

New releases are automatically made available to you at no additional cost.

No Installation

Host Compliance’s software is entirely cloud-based and requires only a computer and an internet connection.

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Dedicated Account Management

Whether you are new to short-term rental code enforcement or a seasoned professional, your account manager can help you get the most out of the Host Compliance platform.


Silicon Valley Technology

Host Compliance's technology is built and hosted in California and our U.S. based team takes care of  our clients with responsive, high-quality support.

In-House Compliance Team

Our team is here to support you and with more than 20 years of technology and local government experience.

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Unlimited Free Coaching and Support

We not only support our customers as needed - we make our agency partners look like rock-stars!

All Data in One Place

Host Compliance makes sure that all your short-term rental compliance information is in one place and always in sync.

Reliable Performance

We provide the most accurate information and average turnarounds under 24 hours to help you get on with your work