Simple fixed pricing based on your municipality's short-term rental compliance monitoring and enforcement needs

  • 1200+

Trend Monitoring

  • Active monitoring of jurisdiction's STR listings across 15+ STR websites
  • Monthly report on aggregate STR activity in jurisdiction
  • Monthly analysis of STR trends in jurisdiction
  • Automatic alerts if the # of STR listings reach a pre-dertermined level

Address Identification

  • Get all Trend Monitoring features PLUS
  • Detailed monthly report with:
    • Up-to-date list of jurisdiction's active STR listings
    • High resolution screenshots of all active listings
    • Full address and contact information for all identifiable STRs in jurisdiction (where available)

Compliance Monitoring

  • Get all Address Identification features PLUS
  • Ongoing monitoring of STRs for zoning and permit compliance
  • Pro-active and systematic outreach to unpermitted and/or illegal short-term rental operators (using jurisdiction's form letters)
  • Monthly staff report on jurisdiction's zoning and permit compliance:
    • Up-to-date list of STRs operating illegally or without the proper permits
    • Full case history for non-compliant listings

Tax Collection Support

  • Get all Compliance Monitoring features PLUS
  • Ongoing monitoring of jurisdiction's listings for tax compliance
  • Pro-active, systematic and data-informed outreach to short-term rental operators regarding their tax remmitance obligations (using jurisdiction's form letters)
  • Monthly staff report on jurisdiction's STR tax compliance:
    • Up-to-date list of STRs suspected of under-reporting taxes
    • The list of evidence that serves as the foundation for the suspicion of tax under-reporting
  • Custom reports and analysis to support tax audits and other STR related investigations


  • Get all Tax Collection Support features PLUS
  • 24/7 staffed telephone and email hotline for neighbors to report non-emergency problems related to STR properties
  • Daily/Weekly staff reports containing:
    • The # and types of reported incidents
    • List of properties for which incidents have been reported
    • Full documentation of all reported incidents
    • Digital recordings and written transcripts of all calls
  • Custom reports and analysis of hotline related activities

All packages comes with extensive benefits:

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Dedicated Account Management

Whether you are new to short-term rental code enforcement or a seasoned professional, your account manager can help you get the most out of the Host Compliance platform.


U.S.-Based Tech Support

Host Compliance's technology is built and hosted in California and our U.S. based team takes care of  our clients with responsive, high-quality support.

In-House Compliance Team

Our team is here to support you and with more than 20 years of technology and local government experience.

Reliable Performance

We provide the most accurate information and average turnarounds under 24 hours to help you get on with your work

All Data in One Place

Host Compliance makes sure that all your short-term rental compliance information is in one place and always in sync.