City of San Diego short-term rental market overview - Report Cover Page.png

City of San Diego Short-term Rental Market Overview

The first step to making good public policy is knowing the facts, and unfortunately, the City of San Diego’s debate about short-term rentals has so far been short on data. By publishing this report, we address this by bringing independent and objective facts to the discussion, with the hope of facilitating a larger debate on community goals and enforcement which will allow the city to reach a workable regulatory compromise.  

In the interest of full transparency, this report was created, published and paid for exclusively by Host Compliance in response to conversations with several San Diego media outlets, who like Host Compliance believe that the San Diego short-term rental debate has so far been short on facts and that it is in the public’s best interest to bring transparency to this new market. Said simply, this study was NOT influenced or sponsored by any third-party organizations, trade groups or companies.