Researching, drafting and adopting short-term vacation rental regulations does NOT have to be difficult

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Host Compliance has worked with hundreds of cities and counties to help them put in place fair and enforceable short-term vacation rental regulations. In doing so we have developed a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't. This deep expertise, experience and data-driven approach allows us to help local governments of all sizes quickly research, draft and adopt fair and enforceable short-term vacation rental regulations designed to addressed their specific needs and circumstances.  

While each project is custom, the typical consulting project deliverables include:

  • Customized project timeline and work plan to meet each client's timing requirements and deadlines

  • Quantitative report on the scale and scope of the short-term rental activity in the jurisdiction

  • Background memo to the key decision makers on the context and regulatory best practices for addressing the various short-term rental related issues

  • Custom public outreach strategy and messaging framing

  • Participation in (or facilitation of) one public hearing to identify the city/county’s key issues and regulatory objectives as it relates to short-term rentals

  • Post public hearing survey of key decision-makers to prioritize regulatory objectives

  • Complete draft of a custom short-term rental ordinance developed based on national best-practices and each client's key issues and regulatory objectives

  • Participation in (or facilitation of) one post-draft public hearing

  • Enforcement focused planning work-session with the staff responsible for enforcing the new regulations

  • Draft compliance monitoring and enforcement plan for staff and legal counsel to refine and adopt

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