Short-term rental regulation videos and webinars recordings

Interested in learning more about the topic of short-term rental regulation and enforcement? Below is a collection of complimentary videos and webinar recordings that will help you and your local government colleagues easily get a grasp of the issues.

WEBINAR RECORDING: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO Ensuring Short-Term Rental Ordinance Compliance

In this recorded webinar Senior Code Enforcement Officer Lamonte Mack is joining Jeff Goodman and Ulrik Binzer, two nationally renowned short-term rental experts, to discuss the best practices for enforcing short-term rental regulations. 

WEBINAR RECORDING: The Best Practice Guide to Crafting Short-Term Rental Ordinances

In this recorded webinar Jeff Goodman and Ulrik Binzer, two nationally renowned short-term rental experts, will provide a step-by-step guide to adopting simple, sensible and enforceable regulations that adequately incorporate the concerns of all relevant stakeholders. 

Webinar Recording: Short-term vacation rentals - what every local government needs to know

In this recorded webinar Ulrik Binzer & Jeffrey B. Goodman, discuss how Airbnb-style rentals are impacting quality of life, housing affordability, and community safety in communities across North America, and how to effectively regulate this growing short-term rental phenomenon in your jurisdiction. 

Panel Discussion Recording: Can the Sharing Economy be Regulated?

This panel discussion explores the question of whether the sharing economy can be regulated. The discussion took place at the University of Minnesota's Initiative on the Sharing Economy Conference In Minneapolis on May 16th and 17th, 2016, and included experts on the topic from academia, city governments and private industry.