Host Compliance helps local governments cost-effectively research, draft and enforce short-term rental regulations 

What we do

Cities and counties look to Host Compliance when they need help researching, drafting, implementing and enforcing short-term rental regulations. They do so because we are true experts when it comes to this topic, and because our experience allows us to dramatically reduce the cost and time it takes them to achieve their regulatory and compliance objectives as it relates to short-term rentals. By partnering with us our partner municipalities have achieved real tangible benefits, including:

  • Enforceable regulatory frameworks that simultaneously protects citizens' property rights and the rights of the neighbors

  • A dramatic reduction in noise, parking and trash complaints related to short-term rentals

  • Fair, continuous and cost-effective compliance monitoring and enforcement tools and processes

  • Modern mobile-enabled online registration and tax collection workflows

  • Improved municipal finances resulting from higher TOT collections and permitting fees

  • Dramatically lower monitoring and enforcement costs

  • State-of-the-art reporting and analytics

  • 24/7 hotlines for neighbors to report problems

  • Access to easy to use web and mobile applications that allow property owners and local government staff to easily manage compliance duties with no added paperwork


Host Compliance work closely with our local government partners to understand their needs and regulatory objectives and craft enforceable short-term rental ordinances and practical policies and procedures. Once the legislation is approved, we help identify, educate, register and permit rental property owners and collect hotel/transient accommodation taxes. Finally we assist our partners with tax audits and data analysis to uncover specific as well as systematic problems that needs to be addressed.


Host Compliance was founded on the premise that effective and efficient enforcement of short-term rentals regulation requires ‘Big City’ and "Big Data" technology. Unlike any other vendors we have therefore invested significant resources into building state-of-the art monitoring solutions and workflows that enable us to deliver fair, continuous and consistent compliance monitoring and enforcement of any regulatory regime. As a result no other external service provider or internal compliance department can rival us when it comes to performance and cost.